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Four Pack 4″ Green Light Glow Sticks

(7 customer reviews)


Ready Hour Glow Stick Case Pack. Six packages with four glow sticks each. 



They aren’t just for kids anymore. These glow sticks can be put on your tent so you can find your way back to it in the dark, used as a distress signal, lighting, communication, and has many other uses.

These 4 packs of green glow sticks can be safely stored away until needed, then pulled out when you want to use them. Taking up very little space, they can be thrown into your hiking bag, camping equipment, car glove box, and even under seats and in small storage containers on your boat.

Each glow stick gives you 10-12 hours of illumination of a soft green glow light and has a mounting hook on each for stationary use. Shelf life: 2 years.

7 reviews for Four Pack 4″ Green Light Glow Sticks

  1. William (verified owner)

    Perfect size for a Personal/Emergency survival key. Fits right into a altoids tin and doesnt take up too much space. Illumination leaves a little to be desired, but it gives off enough brightness to help in a survival/emergency situation (i.e. needing light at night to read a map, check a compass, mark a position).

  2. Daniel (verified owner)

    It’s Pink. The product is listed as red but it’s pink. The package says light red, which is my fault for not paying attention, and call it light red if it makes you feel good but it’s pink.
    Light emission is impractical for much beyond a marker. I planned on using these for target markers for distance shots at night without night optics and they should do fine for that purpose. However, I was also planning to pack these for backpacking and pocket some while snowboarding for emergency purposes but the intensity of the light produced is insufficient so I will continue to carry full-size.
    Also, red is good for emergency markers, pink not so much.

  3. Ryan (verified owner)

    I had previously bought the 6″ ChemLights in various colors. They are excellent for emergency situations and very bright. I thought I would buy these small ones to see how well they work and to see how I could use them. Well, 1.5″ is pretty small for a ChemLight. I tested a few and even though it states that they last for 4 hours, they lasted almost 8 hours, but the brightness tends to fade after 2 hours and remains that way for the next 4 hours before slowly fading out. This was impressive, but the amount of light is still not enough to find a good use other than to use as markers at night.

  4. Dylan (verified owner)

    Nice little chem lights. These are good for marking things in the dark. They are sometimes used to illuminate weapon sights, but I use them to light my dogs collar for night walks. I zip tied a piece of rubber tubing to her collar and insert the light into the end of the tubing. I can see it about 80 yards away. They last at least 4 hours.

  5. Dominic (verified owner)

    these are not the standard mini chemlights. standards are 2in not 1.5. I was trying to use this with blue force gear Marco and these won’t fit or work. if your getting them for what I’m using them for then stay away from these. major disappointment.

  6. Tyler (verified owner)

    Been using these for years, I use these and the Larger sized Calum brand lights for all sorts of stuff, be creative, activate the green ones and cut them open and rub on your body and run around like the Hulk at night, pretend you have been exposed to toxic waste. Use outdoor recreating, use indoor in emergency or for fun. the small stick are good for trail marking at night the bigger ones eliminate an large dark area, I find that Green is the best overall for lighting purposes and glow time, I often go offroading with friends in the woods and to mark our paths we nail or tie them to trees to find our way back on a safe path. They large green and white sticks can be clearly seen from 500 yards away. We sometimes use these for fishing at night with our gear to attract fish, when legal of course. I generally get 12 hours of bright light, meaning you can light a average bedroom or office in your home clearly for this amount of time, they slowly fade and around 18 hours they are pretty dim. I have hundreds of these myself- shelf life is forever, I have 25 year old onesI use and they work just the same as the newer ones.

  7. Bryan (verified owner)

    These are tiny and emit very, very little light. I bought 50 and taped them to the back strap of my team’s paintball masks during night games so we could distinguish friend from foe….in full moon light, we still couldn’t see each other’s lights beyond 15 feet. We should have used slightly bigger ones. Also “red” is more like purple.

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