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Water Filter Straw

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Personal Water Filter Straw Outdoor Portable Filtration Emergency Survival Gear Water Solutions Tactical Gear for Hiking Camping Accessories Travel Hunting Fishing Outing Backpacking



About this item

  • 【Our Solutions For Life】NatureNova water filter straw is a camping gear and equipment with 4-step filtration. Hollow Fiber Membrane provide a blockage to suspended solids and create extensive membrane filtration space. The elastic strength of the membrane can get rid of up to 99.999999% tiny matters from raw water.
  • 【The Proof Is In The Filter】PP Cotton wipe out small materials such as various adverse grains. Activated Carbon helps clean out all kind of dirts & enhance water taste. To further ensure the cleanliness of water straight from our camping gear water filter straw. Active Adsorption Technology are used to absorb tiny component from water, also keep away from risky elements.
  • 【Extra Trust In Every Drop】This camping essentials water filter provides 1500 liters (396 gallons) of clean and safe drinking water. Compare with other camping equipment, NatureNova removes up to 0.01 microns pore size of foreign substances in water, also maintains the optimal flow rate (550ml/min) while keeping the filtration accuracy of this hiking gear.
  • 【Gear Up Without Added Cost】This survival gear straw will make your filtering experience sieve to the next level. 1) Water Reserve – Fill the water pouch before leaving a water source 2) Body Gesture – 7-inch water tube allows you to drink without laying on the ground. 3) Backflush – clear out all the dirty fibres with backwash syringe. Don’t forget to connect the straw with various standard water bottles.
  • 【Ultralight For Any Adventure】Lightweight and portable camping accessories weighs less than 3.5 ounces, which fit your hands, pocket, bag and act as a backpacking gear. It is ideal for hiking, camping and travelling. Always be prepared in emergency supplies will help you reduce fear, anxiety, and losses during water shortage and other emergency circumstances.

5 reviews for Water Filter Straw

  1. Kayden (verified owner)

    These are great for many reasons. My reason is for hiking the napali coast and not wanting to carry 4 gallons of water at the beginning of the hike. I plan to carry one gallon, my partner carry one gallon, and when we’re empty we will fill up in a stream and use these.

  2. Patrick (verified owner)

    It does what it is advertised to do. It doesn’t leave a funny taste in the water.

  3. Tyler (verified owner)

    I purchase several of these – gave a couple to family who are very active, hard core hikers. They report they have used them and they work very, very well in risky conditions. They were surprised at how easy they were to use. Good to know. We also added a few to our survival kit – we live on the ocean front and have a Tsunami survival kit. The straw is mainly plastic outer body – lightweight/compact and can be hung around your neck or attached to a pack or even packed inside of a kit as we did. Good to have on hand. Having said all of this, I never hesitate to update my reviews should new info seem useful. All of my reviews reflect my honest, personal experience with the reviewed item – your experience may be different. I am not influenced by any outside source. I receive/accept NO free products or discounts that are not available to all shoppers- ever. For some reason our shopper ranks are no longer visible – so, to give you a little more info about me, I am a top 50 reviewer (#30 the highest rank achieved). Those numbers used to fluctuate over time – up and down but I noticed that they stopped updating regularly – perhaps to phase them out. It’s a shame because it did help you see who has been around the longest and who is a trustworthy reviewer. I’ve been doing reviews for over 25 years with Amazon – over 6,000 reviews posted, those reviews have been viewed well over 50,000 times, including well over 24,000 likes. Bottom line, I pay for all my stuff, just like you do.

  4. Nathaniel (verified owner)

    I have purchased well over 20 Lifestraws over the past decade or so for my BOB’s, get home bags, and outdoor survival. Lifestraws have been proven in harsh conditions, and have never failed me in my uses. However, there are a few things to consider:

    1. This filter will not remove certain toxins like heavy metal, etc. Further, they will rarely remove taste and smell. So, if you drink straight from a source with toxins like Mercury or lead, you are not protected. You may still survive, but the long term effects could be troubling. In a true survival situation, where death is imminent if I don’t get water, I’ll take my chances with potential future issues from metals. Just my opinion. Further, if you drink from a musty pool, expect it to taste like it smells. Overall, try to be a selective as possible with where you choose to draw water from. Moving water is almost always safer than stagnant water.

  5. Isaac (verified owner)

    The LifeStraw Personal Water Filter (2-pack) is a fantastic product that is well worth the investment. The compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry with you anywhere you go, and the fact that it comes in a 2-pack makes it even more convenient – never hike alone! The filter is incredibly effective, removing 99.99% of all waterborne bacteria and parasites, so you can feel confident that you’re drinking safe, clean water no matter where you are.

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